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We learn something new every day and want to help others learn. That's why we decided together with the Caritas charity fund to collect 40 backpacks for little Ukrainians.

We delivered these backpacks to children from immigrant families and from families in need of financial assistance.

We collected 10 backpacks with the support of the Java Community 💪, and Luxoft donated the amount for another 30 backpacks.

You can steel join with any convenient donation — every UAH 5 is important. A link with the possibility to make a charitable contribution will be on the screen, as well as in a letter in the mail.

Everything will be Ukraine!

20 зошитів:
в клітинку та лінійку

Олівці звичайні та
кольорові, ручки сині

Акварель, гуаш,
пензлик, альбом

Пенал, лінійка, точилка,
гумка, клей ПВА

Кольоровий та білий
картон, папер, ножиці

Пластилин, дошка
та ніж до нього, клей




рюкзачків зібрано


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